Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Three Poems From Dennis Gulling's The Blood Dark Sea

Here are three poems from Rockford poet Dennis Gulling's new book of Outsider Poetry The blood Dark Sea, published in May by Zombie Logic Press. The Rockford Pages, Rockford's team in the Outsider Poetry Slam League of America, recently took first place in the first tournament of the year. Gulling will be reading poems from this book Saturday, May 14th at CNVR in Rockford. The Blood Dark Sea is the 3rd book in Zombie Logic Press's Rock River Literary Series. 


She said she wanted
To remember him by
So he bit her in the ass
And stole her purse


She gave him
That up from under look
And crossed her hands
Across her chest
Her blood red fingernails
Just inches from her throat
He couldn’t hear
What she was whispering
It might have been a prayer
It could have been fuck you
She sucked her index finger
And aimed it at him
Like a gun
Said underneath her breath
Bang bang you’re dead
And blew imaginary smoke
From her fingertip
While he checked his shirt
For holes


3 days after Fred Carver
Was shot dead
In a craps game
We all gathered
At Sparkman’s Funeral Home
For the visitation
I was standing
Behind Fred’s ex-wife Thelma
When she reached into her purse
And dropped something
In the casket
I leaned over her shoulder
And watched a black spider
Crawl up Fred’s face
And disappear in his hair

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