Thursday, September 29, 2016

All The Outsider Poetry Colors of the Dark

Tired of sitting here writing nonsense to fill these blogs tonight. But all my errands are done, and I don't have to be up early, so let's get through this one as I watch All the Colors of the Dark on one screen and The Monster Club on another while listening to sports radio.

There were literally three separate revelations today about Donald Trump that would have been sufficient to sink any previous presidential candidate from either party. Three. The man had illegal dealings with Cuba, has been running his charity illegally, and owes 300 million dollars to a foreign bank he can never pay back.

None of this makes any difference to the people willing to vote for him, and seems to do little to motivate those who don't want to to vote for Hillary Clinton.

I'd like to read some outsider poetry and take a soak in a whirlpool bath for about two weeks, sleep underground, and wake up in an 18 year old body. 

There are some nice castles in Italy.

Here come the hounds. I thought I had seen this movie before but it doesn't seem like it now. None of it looks familiar to me.

Outsider Poet Thomas L. Vaultonburg looking dumber than usual

I guess I already cast my vote, so all I can do is try to get other people to cast there's for Hillary Clinton, or at least against Donald Trump in some way.

I remember one time I was wearing a Union Civil War hat at a bonfire and as we danced to the Romantic's "What I Like About You" we'd jump and yell "hey." It was a nice night and of the few I had before I turned thirty like that.

This is definitely not the movie I was thinking of unless this Satanic cult eats her at the end. And they still might.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Protocol Droid C3PO Joins Chemung Shamans

Protocol droid C3PO has joined the Chemung Shamans outsider poetry team effective beginning the 2017 season. 

Anticipating the lawsuit George Lucas will invariable file against him/it the moment he takes the stage, C3PO has retained the services of defense attorney Dr. Henry Wolfsburg, who specializes in the rights of artificial life forms. C3PO, known primarily for informing other people what the odds are, and generally attempting to put the kabash on any plan anyone else makes, was originally designed to be a protocol droid, and part of his programming includes knowing dirty limericks in over 27,000 languages. Your Nantucket is a Jawa's nenjdjdj. The possibilities are astounding

In other Outsider Poetry Slam League of America news, there just isn't much news due to fantasy football season. The Rancho Cucamonga Kookamungas appear to be the team to beat in the 2017 season, but many teams have made improvements, including the Rockford Pages, Minooka Meter Maids, and Kokomo Oralists. 

The Outsider Poetry League championship was seen by over a million viewers on Home and Garden Network, and will return this year after the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. 

On a personal note, I just obtained a nice collection of the original 12 Star Wars action figures and a stand to display them. It was an item I did not know I wanted until a confluence of several events reminded me that I was a child a long, long time ago, and was blown away when I first saw Star Wars. I now need only a Yoda and a Boba Fett to complete the collection for me.